What I discovered that helped me get better sleep…It’s a common complaint, right? I never get enough sleep. Or I don’t sleep well. Or I never feel rested. So here’s the thing, I’m a mom of three, I run two businesses from home, I’m busy. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that I always feel rested or that I’m never tired. Because that would be a lie. But I did discover a few different things to do that help me with sleep and help me get better rest at night.

Sleep. We could all use more of it, probably. Here are some things that I found to help me sleep better and more soundly.

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  1. Getting off of electronics at least 30 minutes before I need to go to sleep. I am not a scientist, but there is some science out there that shows how the screen from your phone or tablet stimulate your brain and wakes it up. So instead of laying in bed scrolling through my phone while I’m trying to get myself to sleep, I now try to put the phone down 30 minutes before I want to go to sleep. To give my brain a rest.
  2. I schedule the “do not disturb” on my phone so that I’m not getting interrupted by text messages or notifications from apps after a certain time. In my settings on my phone, I scheduled 9:30 PM – 7:00 AM for the “do not “disturb” to be on.
  3. Having a consistent bedtime. So this one is harder for me and I’d like to say I do it all the time but I don’t. My goal is to have a consistent bedtime at 10:30 PM and some nights I make it but some nights I don’t come close. On those nights, I’m up way later than I want to be. I find that I get better sleep if I can go to bed at a consistent time on a consistent basis.
  4. Cutting out the alcohol. Don’t freak out. This blog was written during the corona virus pandemic, so in recent times I have been having a glass of wine or cocktail more nights during the week then I previously was. But I cut out the nightly alcohol habit back in September because I was finding that it was keeping me up. Also, I was waking up groggy and so dehydrated in the mornings, which I didn’t like. You just don’t get the best quality of sleep if you’ve had too much alcohol the night before. You know it’s true. But you get a hall pass if there’s a world pandemic. #coronaviruspandemic2020
  5. I started taking CBD oil. I didn’t start taking it so much for sleep. I was taking it more to just take the edge off during the day, relieve some anxiety and help me to not go for that glass of wine every night. But what I found is, I was sleeping more soundly after I started taking the CBD. I use Green Compass CBD because after doing my research I discovered this CBD was grown right here in the USA (North Carolina), USDA certified organic, founded by a mom who wanted a trusted CBD for her kids and that they maintain 100% control from seed to seal to avoid any tampering, fillers, irregularities, errors, etc…it essentially self regulates for purity and quality in an industry that is unregulated. Finding a trustworthy CBD is not easy in the unregulated CBD industry. I trust Green Compass CBD for me, my kids, my Dad and even my dog.
  6. Using white noise. I started using white noise about a year ago and I was surprised at how well it worked. I used it with all three of my kids and it helped them sleep soundly. I can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out it could also work for me. There are probably a ton of white noise apps out there now, but I use the iDream app. It’s also the one I used for my kids so it was just natural for me to use this one as well. It has a variety of free sounds to help you sleep better at night. I love the ocean sound. The sound of waves is so peaceful to me. If you need to remove your phone from your bedroom at night to avoid the temptation of picking it up and starting to scroll (see tip #1 above), you can purchase a white noise machine. They work just as well. We’ve taken phones out of the kids’ rooms, so here is a white noise machine they use now from Amazon.
  7. Sticking to a bedtime routine. We stick to a routine for our kids. We need one as adults too…so make a bedtime routine and try to be consistent about sticking to it. For me my routine includes that do not disturb on my phone, putting the electronics away earlier, a good skin care routine at night to wash all the grime from the day off my face and treat myself to some pampering with my favorite skincare products (if you’d like to know my go-to skin care products, use the contact form to let me know and I’d be happy to share https://hustlewithheart.net/contact/), and of course brushing AND flossing my teeth. Not gonna lie the flossing doesn’t happen every night.

So those are the various things that I discovered that help me to get better sleep. Try adding one or all of these things into your nightly routine and I’d love to hear how it helps. 

XO, Christy

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