How to and Why Give CBD to Your Dog?

Does your dog suffer from anxiety? Or joint pain or arthritis? Does it break your heart to watch him/her age? As a Labrador owner for more than 19 years, I’ve experienced all of these issues and more with my fur babies. We discovered CBD oil for dogs over a year ago and it was a game changer. If you’ve tried CBD treats for your favorite pet with no results, this video explains why you didn’t see results and why you should be using the oils versus treats. After you watch, check out my FREE downloadable gift for you: What you need to know about your CBD? FREEBIE PDF

I’ve learned that just as in people, there are many causes for anxiety in dogs. It can stem from fear, separation and aging among other factors. Regardless of the cause, anxiety in your dog is no fun as it often presents in behavior issues. Behavior issues that may cause more anxiety in your dog, strain your relationship with your dog and may lead to anxiety in you. Talk about a downward spiral.

The joint pain and arthritis are somewhat out of our control. Some dogs are more susceptible to joint pain, larger dogs for sure. But all dogs can experience this pain. It is hard to watch your sweet baby slow to rise or limp or whimper to get up. One of the hardest things for me was to see our babies lose their love of the game of fetch. Dog ownership is not for the faint of heart.

CBD was a game changer for our family and it may help you as well. Just do your research to confirm you know the source of the CBD and every ingredient inside the bottle. We use USDA certified organic Green Compass Global CBD. Our rule is: if we wouldn’t take it ourselves, it’s not good enough for our fur babies (or human babies, for that matter). Learn more about how to choose a safe and trustworthy CBD for your family in this Blog Post.

Here are a few things some other dog owners shared that help with some of these issues as well. I’d love to hear from you. What has worked for your precious fur baby? Let me know in the COMMENTS.

Weighted Blanket – Weighted blankets (or thunder blankets) help apply a constant pressure that works to calm anxiety, fear and over excitement in dogs.

Orthopedic Beds – Orthopedics help more than humans. We start using orthopedic beds as soon as we see the joint pain/arthritis in its early stages. Joint pain is almost inevitable in labs.

Glucosamine – Studies show the natural supplement of glucosamine helps alleviate joint pain and joint wear caused by dysplasia and aging. Glucosamine is said to boost the repair of damaged cartilage.

I wish you and your dog a long, happy, pain & anxiety free life together.

xo, Christy

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