How this Work From Home Mom Keeps the Family Organized

My handy, dandy color coded family planner.

How this work from home mom keeps the family organized…If you are a mom, you are probably the keeper of all things. That includes school, meals, sports, activities, birthdays, anniversaries and not to mention keeping up with your job or business that actually pays you in money not just love. 🙂

In this post, I share how I keep track of the various sports activities, school activities, and family activities for my family of five. Three things you can do to keep your family organized include:

  1. Creating a Family Command Center ~ Your family command center is that spot in your home where everyone knows they can look to find out what’s going on that week. Some of the things I keep in the command center include the school lunch menu, the school holiday calendar, our family planner, a notepad and colored pens/markers.
  2. Color Code Each Kid (or all family members) ~ Each child in my family has a color. I let them pick their color. We use blue, red and green. ALL activities for each child are written in their color. I’ve even gone so far as to color code their cups to end the never ending drama of “whose cup is this” when 8 cups are strewn throughout the house for only 3 children. No more asking and no more “I don’t know” or “not mine” responses. When there’s 3 red cups left out, I know the culprit is the “red” child. Call me crazy, but it works.
  3. Family Planner / Calendar ~ The family planner is a must. It is organized by week and I use the color code method mentioned above when inputting activities. I especially like a calendar that breaks down each day by the hour and where you can see a full week view when open to one page. In addition to the paper family planner, we created a family calendar on our phones. With the phone calendar I invite my husband through his work email to eliminate conflicts (when possible) between family events and work events. If nothing else, my husband can no longer use the “it wasn’t on my calendar” excuse.

Here’s a quick video so you can see these organizational tips in real life.

Organization Tips Credit: Thank you to my good friend and owner of Neat Method Tampa, Laura. She is the genius that shared some of these organization tips with me and they have been game changers for our family. If you’d like to learn more about Neat Method Tampa, you can find them on Insta @tampaneat. Happy organizing! xo, Christy

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