What is a Personal Mission Statement & Why You Need One

Isn’t a mission statement just something for companies? Nope. Just as large companies have well crafted, published mission statements, small businesses need one too.  For many entrepreneurs, the small business is YOU. So a personal mission statement directly relates to your business. For entrepreneurs, the business mission statement is a personal mission statement rather than a broad company mission.  You could also call it the “WHY” you went into business. 

Your WHY or mission statement serves to let others know what your business is all about. Have you noticed that more and more commercials and ads strike an emotional connection with the viewer? This is because market research confirms that people want to further a purpose rather than just buy a product. So sharing your mission and personal goals will help your followers and consumers know just what purpose or cause they are helping by supporting you and your business.

Your personal mission statement also serves you. Your business will inevitably experience down times. Entrepreneurs often start out alone, with little support system. On bad days, your personal mission statement will serve to remind you of why you got into business in the first place. Creating a personal mission statement provides something tangible for you to look to that can propel you forward and out of a low place.

The best personal mission statements hit on the meaningful why you started your business. By meaningful why, I mean you can’t just write down “I want to make money.” That’s a no brainer. That’s the difference between a business and a charity.

Why do you want to make money? What is your mission or purpose behind this business? It takes some digging. Do you want to make money to retire earlier? Get out of your full-time job? Contribute more to your favorite nonprofit or church? Maybe it’s just to stop living paycheck to paycheck? Maybe it’s to pay for your kids sports lessons or dance lessons or private school? Maybe it’s to take financial pressure off of your spouse? Maybe your mission or why isn’t only about money but more about finding purpose for you or pride in ownership and creation for you?

People go into business for thousands of different reasons. But if you don’t have a strong mission or why behind your business, after the novelty and excitement wear off, you won’t have a strong enough reason to keep going. Or during the difficult times that every business incurs, again you won’t have a strong reason to keep pushing. Just making money is not enough to continue to propel a business forward long term.

So, time to get to work…Download my FREE TEMPLATE now to help you write that personal mission statement:

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