A Few of My Favorite Things That Every Dog Mom Needs

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had dogs on my heart. To my mom’s dismay, I would bring strays home on a consistent basis. Some carried enough fleas to cover a small island. I watched with a broken heart as others threw up tiny worms. At a certain point in my childhood, my parents caved and eventually gave me a dog of my own. And it was then that I first learned about unconditional love.

Me and our sweet, rescue yellow lab, Buddy. Forever in our hearts.

I knew when I grew up, I would always have dogS. Plural. If I had all the resources in the world today, I would own a dog rescue. But for now, I’ll have to settle for 2-3 dogs at a time.

I’ve been a dog owner for 20 of my adult years. And through the years I’ve collected many necessities that every dog mom needs that I’ll share here…feel free to PIN for future reference.

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For shedding:

Labs shed. Period. And they shed a lot. I tried many shedding tools before finding the Furminator. The Furminator shedding tool is a must have for any dog that sheds. This tool safely and comfortably removes loose hair from the dog’s undercoat before it ends up on your floor or furniture.

For feeding:

Bowls for feeding may seem like a no brainer. But did you know not all dog bowls are created equal? If you have a fast eater (read: anything like a Labrador), a slow feeding bowl is critical for proper digestion and to prevent regurgitation from eating too fast. The Top-Paw slow feeder comes in different sizes and colors.

The height of your bowl can also make a difference in digestion for larger/taller dogs. Bending over too much while eating inhibits proper digestion. Dog bowl stands and elevated bowls solve this problem.

For walking:

Every dog owner needs a good leash, collar and/or harness for walking. No matter how small or large your dog, they all need exercise. Some need more than others.

If your dog pulls a lot on walks, a Gentle Leader might be your new best friend. Have you ever tried walking 3 labs at once? I have and I used to walk 3 labs on the daily. The Gentle Leader saved my back more times than I can count. The Gentle Leader was created to eliminate pulling, lunging, jumping and other unwanted behaviors in your dog. It is safe and I believe more comfortable for your dog than traditional collars, choke chains or other anti-pulling devices. The Gentle Leader works by placing pressure on the back of the neck rather than the delicate front of the throat, preventing choking and coughing. It’s design allows more control for you and a more comfortable and enjoyable walk for you both. *Make sure to read the instructions to ensure proper use.

For bathing:

Just has human hair and scalp require the right shampoo, so does a dog’s fur and skin. Pay attention if shampoos seem drying or seem to cause increased flakiness and itching. Also, always make sure to rinse thoroughly when bathing your dog. Burt’s Bees is my favorite line for dog shampoo and grooming. It is natural, safe and soothing to a dog’s coat. Burt’s Bees has a special line for puppies, adult dogs and also a hypoallergenic option for dogs with skin sensitivities or allergies.

For after the bath, you’ll need an absorbent drying towel. I use microfiber towels as they seem to absorb the most water in the fastest time.

Opt for a good deodorizing spray for in between baths. Think of it as dry shampoo for your dog. It’s the perfect cure for wet dog smell or just plain dog smell when you don’t have the time or energy to give them a full bath. I use Arm & Hammer Dry Shampoo for dogs because I love the neutralizing effect versus using a perfume or cologne that just masks odors for a brief time.

For fun:

Every dog mom, needs at least one dog mom shirt, wine glass, tumbler or all of the above. For dog lovers, you can never go wrong with a sweet or funny dog quote gift such as these wine glasses or home decor.

Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And everyone is right.” Author Unknown.

xo, Christy

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