10 Teenager Approved Gift Ideas for Teens

Are you wondering what in the world to get your teen for the holidays? Or maybe you have a teen niece or nephew in mind? Maybe grandparents are asking you for gift ideas. Look no further, I tasked my 14-year old daughter to come up with a list and she did not disappoint. Let’s face it I pretty much asked her to create her own wish list, so it wasn’t too difficult. LOL But then I asked her to write a blog post about it, so here you go. Hope this helps you as you shop this year. She even included price ranges. Straight from the mouth of the teen…

Here is a list of 10 teenager approved gifts that you could get for a teenager.

10. Board Games ($20+):

No matter the age, does anyone really outgrow board games? Plus, there are so many new board games being released in this day and age. A good board game is great for family game night. Card games travel well (and also come in handy when you’re stuck at your brother’s baseball tournament all day). Some of my favorites include Exploding Kittens, Unstable Unicorns, Risk, and Mancala.

9. Candle/Essential Oil Diffusers ($5-35):

With all the stress of school and trying to balance so many things at once, most teenagers find themselves needing to relax every once in a while. What better way than with a nice candle? Or, if your teenager is a little more modern, an essential oil diffuser (don’t forget to add some of their favorite smelling oils in there too).

8. Keychains  ($7-20): 

Backpacks these days are so boring, what better way to spruce them up than with a cool keychain? There are so many different kinds of keychains, you really can’t go wrong with this simple and yet practical gift. They make great stocking stuffers.

7. String Lights/LEDs ($10-30):

Haven’t you heard? It’s the new ‘trend.’ Everyone is brightening up their rooms with these cool little decorations. Whether it be little string lights that you can hang pictures on or LEDs to bring some color into your room, cool lights are an awesome way to rejuvenate a room. 

6. Photo Globe (starting at $13.99):

These cool photo globes are a nice way to add a personal touch to a room. Yet small, these are personalized and meaningful gifts.

5. Inkbox ($20-55):

Everyone knows it’s not a good idea to get a permanent tattoo without giving it some serious thought so, this is a great alternative. (Comment from mom: well, I’m happy to hear she’ll at least give a tattoo some “serious thought.”) While those small temporary stick-on tattoos are fun, they don’t allow you to create your own design. Inkbox allows the user to create whatever fun design they want, and it stays on for about 1-2 weeks which is longer than the typical stay of other temporary tattoos. They include plenty of different colored inks and sizes of bottles that you can purchase. 

 4. Cuddly Blankets ($10-60):

Want to just relax, chill out, and turn on your favorite show? What better way to do so than with a nice, cozy blanket? There are hundreds of different cool designs and patterns that can go in any room. I’ve personally requested a blanket personalized with a picture of my adorable dog.

Your dog deserves this!

3. Care Package / Subscription Box (price varies):

Teens still enjoy getting packages delivered specially for them. Care Packages just got revamped and they would be a really fun gift to receive. Subscription boxes are even more fun because they are like a never-ending gift and we can look forward to a surprise package on a regular basis.

2. Custom PS4/Xbox Controller(Starts at $79.95):

Got a gamer in the family? Well, then this is the perfect gift for them. What better way to make gaming more fun than with a custom controller? These controllers are completely customizable and very easy to design. Having a custom controller also ensures your siblings can’t steal yours. While we’ve never ordered from here, so we can’t attest to the service or quality, I found some on this site – Evil Controllers.

  1. Tickets to Sports Events/Concerts ($100-550):

Probably the most memorable gift on this list, and my #1 pick, is a ticket to a sports event or concert. You’re not just giving a gift; you’re giving your child a memory and experience. Whether it be their favorite team or favorite artist, sports events and concerts are a great option. While the most expensive gift on the list, this is definitely the best.  Why not pair tickets to a game with a jersey of your teen’s favorite player?

If you’re looking for some last minute gifts or trying to find the right fit for your teen, then I hope this gave you some ideas. These are my Top 10 Christmas gifts for teens for 2020, approved by teens. 

xo, AB

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