Top 5 Gifts for Your Dog Lover Friends

Looking for the perfect gift for your dog lover friends? Look no further, we got you covered. Here are the top 5 gifts for dog lovers (and a bonus).

top gifts for your dog lover friends
  1. Dog Care Subscription Box (Price Varies):

Every dog and dog owner will jump for joy when one of these jam-packed subscription boxes shows up at their door. Boxes include anything from homemade dog treats to toys to accessories. Many companies feature customizable options. You choose monthly, quarterly, annual deliveries…the gift that keeps on giving. You can’t beat the value on subscription boxes because the contents typically include products valued at more than twice the cost of the box itself.

Here are two of our favorite subscription box companies for dogs:

box dog logo

Choose Your Free $30 Dog Gift!

2. Custom Dog Blankets: ($80-$100):

Who wouldn’t love to snuggle in a cozy blanket displaying a picture of their cute pup? In 3 easy steps, Woof Blankets creates personalized masterpieces proudly displaying your fur baby.

Step 1: Pick a theme and background

The company offers a variety of themes to use as the background including summertime, Christmas, Halloween, fall, collage, single color, and many more.

Step 2: Details

Once you’ve selected your theme and your background, you choose if you’d like only your pet’s face or their full body, how many pets you’d like on the blanket (1-3) and other details to create your personal blanket.

Step 3: Picture of your pet

Now all that’s left to do is upload a picture of your pet, order it, and you’re done. Click HERE to get started now:

Your dog deserves this! The only thing better than a Woof Blankets gift is MORE Woof Blankets gifts! Buy any 2 Woof Blankets custom drawn blankets or customized canvases and get 1 FREE with code 1FREE at checkout!

3. Pet Water Bottle ($10.99):

Any dog person loves taking their dog on adventures whether to the dog park, on a hike or a trip to the mall. This pet water bottle makes keeping your dog hydrated easy. It comes in three different colors (blue, yellow, and pink), holds up to 400ml of water, and is very simple to use. You simply push the button and release when the bowl is full. Any excess water can easily be placed back into the cup to avoid wasting it. This is a must have for dog owners and makes a great gift for that dog lover in your life.

4. Custom Pet Portrait ($24.93-$129.83):

Digital images of your dog are one thing, but these custom pet portraits are a work of art. This Etsy artist creates portraits to include from one to four pets . Choose from plenty of different sizes and a few different frame colors. You can also buy a digital only copy if you’d prefer that option. While one of the most expensive items on the list, this portrait is my personal favorite. Your dog lover friend is sure to love a beautiful portrait of their fur baby because it will last a lifetime. Check out all the options from PreciousPetArt HERE.

pet art portrait of golden retriever

5. Dog Jewelry (starting at $20):

I love a dainty necklace with a sweet dog paw or heart. Etsy offers reasonably priced dog paw jewelry with options to include the dog’s name on the charm. Fine jewelers didn’t overlook dog lovers either because they offer diamond dog paws and more. Check out these options:


Any dog person can never have enough dog tees, wine tumblers or coffee mugs. Here are some of my personal favorites:

All the dog people in your life will appreciate any of the gift options above. Happy shopping!

xo, AB

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