are you an overthinker

Are you an overthinker? Do you get stuck in analysis paralysis? Do you think if only I knew more, could prepare more or train more, then I’ll be ready? I’m here to tell you, STOP HOLDING YOURSELF BACK.

Here’s the thing, you can only train so much, the real learning comes from the doing…⁣

I remember as a first year law associate we would joke that we wasted our money on law school because it did nothing to prepare us for actually practicing law. Of course that was an exaggeration, we did learn a lot in law school. ⁣ And of course, we wouldn’t have been hired without the actual law degree, so there’s that.

But the reality was we really didn’t know how to be an attorney until we were thrown into the fire of the actual practice of law. We prepared with 3 years of law school, 1,000s of hours of studying and even training with clerkships. But truth is as with most things in life, the greatest learning and growth came from the actual doing. Applying what we learned. Applying all the training we absorbed.

So I’m here to tell you, STOP holding yourself back. The preparation, the studying, the training, it’s all great until it keeps you from the actual DOING. YOU are ready. Whether you’ve done 10 hours of preparation or hundreds of hours of preparation for whatever it is that you’re hesitating to do. YOU’RE READY. ⁣ Learn by doing. Learn as you earn. Learn from experience.

What’s the worst that can happen? You fail? Guess what, you’ll learn from that failure. And you’ll grow from it. So whatever you’ve been wanting to do…YOU CAN DO IT! You can do hard things. Get out there and go for it!

xo, Christy

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