A 5-Minute Mom Beauty Routine to Make it Look Like You Put in Effort

In all honesty, I was never that girl who took hours to get ready. But I certainly enjoyed more than a 5 minute beauty routine. Since becoming a mom, however, I rarely have more than 5 minutes for beauty AKA getting myself together. I’ve been a mom for over 14 years now, so that’s a lotta years perfecting my “how quick can I get ready but still look like I actually put effort into it” routine.

If you’re a mom, you know you are always the last one to get ready. You’ve focused on the rest of the family and left yourself a very, small window to get yourself together. Hence the reason, you literally only have 5 minutes to make it look like you actually put some effort into that exhausted, but beautiful face of yours.

To make the most of those 5 minutes, here’s the products I use for a simple, quick mom beauty routine:

Good base:

First, an effective, light weight tinted all-in-one cream. This is my go-to. The Radiant Defense cream from Rodan + Fields is a BB cream, CC cream, tinted moisturizer, SPF all-in-one. It eliminates the need for multiple steps of SPF, concealer, foundation and powder. It’s is your one-stop cover all product.

BONUS: It is actually a skincare product not make-up. That means it’s helping, healing and protecting your skin all day while you wear it. The main reason I love it is because it literally feels like you have nothing on your skin. It’s breathable and airy, but at the same time provides that finished look that blurs imperfections, evens skintone and protects with a 30 SPF all in one little bottle.

Radiant Defense is what you need to provide coverage to reduce visible redness and pores, while it’s anti-oxidants and peptides neutralize environmental aggressors and provide sun protection.

Courtesy of Rodan + Fields

After applying Radiant Defense, the next step is to add a little pop of color with a mineral powder blush, bronzer or tinted powder. I love a mineral powder because again, it’s breathable and airy. I hate the feeling of my skin suffocating under a heavy cream or foundation. Bare Minerals has been my go-to mineral powder for over a decade.

Some days, this is where I stop my routine. The Radiant Defense and a pop of color with mineral powder blush are perfect for a normal, casual day. It appears I put in a little effort to get myself together, yet less than 3 minutes in front of the mirror and I’m out the door.

Eyes and Lips:

On days when I want a more polished look, I’ll add a little mascara and lip gloss. Maneater mascara and Lip Quench from Tarte Cosmetics are my go-tos. The Lip Quench quickly hydrates, softens and gives you a soft, subtle color. It’s vegan formula contains anti-oxidants to help protect against daily aggressors. I love the Maneater mascara because it provides massive volume while it lengthens and curls. It doesn’t flake, clump or smudge.

I love supporting Tarte cosmetics because its always formulated without: 

  • Parabens
  • Mineral Oil
  •  Phthalates
  • Triclosan
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Gluten
Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics
A Good Finisher:

The final step and MUST HAVE product in your 5-minute mom beauty routine is a setting spray. I actually had never used a setting spray until the COVID era and facemasks became a daily necessity. Using a good setting spray prevents your hard work (all 5 minutes of it) from wiping off on your facemask. The All Nighter setting spray from Urban Decay works really well for this.

Courtesy of Sephora

There you have it, a 5 minute mom beauty routine to make it look like you put in the effort. 5-minutes and done. Any tips or tricks you can share for a quick mom beauty routine? Let us know in the comments. Us moms gotta stick together.

xo, Christy

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