Momming is hard. Often, as a mom, you wonder: Am I doing this right? Can anyone else relate? There’s gotta be a better way? What’s a hack for this? How do I organize this family? Along with countless other thoughts. Moms come in all different sizes, shapes, ages, life experiences and parenting styles. Finding your mom tribe creates a safe space for you to explore ideas, vent frustrations and relate to others’ experiences. Mom blogs provide a creative outlet for moms to share, empathize, verbalize and relate in mom life. There are literally 100s of mom blogs out there, but here are 5 mom blogs I think you’ll love and what I love about them.

5 mom blogs you'll love mom carrying child

39ish Life

Dana, the author of 39ish Life, is a sorority sister of mine, but that’s not the only reason I love her blog. Dana shares in a vulnerable and relatable way. Her blog features sections about motherhood (she’s a mom of 4 boys), lifestyle, travel and an entire section dedicated to her experience as a surrogate. I just love the down to earth tone of her blog and often her posts make me laugh out loud.

The Holderness Family

Speaking of laughing out loud, The Holderness Family will have you laughing so much you just might wet your pants. Kim Holderness is another friend from college. We shared the dance floor back in the day as University of Florida Dazzlers….decades ago. Sigh. Kim and the rest of the Holderness crew create hysterical parodies on just about everything related to parenthood and life in general. They divide their blog into the following categories: marriage, food, wellness, learn and faves. I love that while they put a smile on your face, they intentionally relay important life messages and bring attention to issues that historically people avoid talking about. They bring light to ADHD, mental health, and cancer to name a few.


Motherly fits more into the large, commercial blog categories. While I feel small, personalized mom blogs contribute more to the mom tribe feel, there’s no denying the variety of information available on large, collaborative blogs. Motherly’s description speaks for itself, “Motherly was born to send expert ideas and mom-to-mom inspiration to women exactly when they need it. Because an uplifting online community full of expert tricks-of-the-trade and inspiring stories were exactly what we were missing the first time we became moms.” The Motherly blog is a great resource for moms.

How could I not include in a post about mom blogs? Another collaborative mom blog community, offers expert advice together with “been-there-done-that” stories from fellow moms. Nothing makes you feel more normal as a mom, than hearing about someone else who experienced (or better yet, is right now experiencing) the trenches alongside you. I love the Hacks and Advice section under Mom Life on this blog. Under this section, you’ll find life tips and hacks, such as 7 Ways to Get Organized for the New Year.

Redefining Mom

The Redefining Mom blog speaks to me as a mom and business owner. We all know as moms we are the CEO of our households. This blog is for you if you are a mom running a business, in addition to managing your family. Redefining Mom contains lots of content for mom business owners such as posts on work/life balance, family budgeting, blogging tips, online business tips and more. “Redefining Mom’s mission is to empower women to thrive in motherhood and business. Because you don’t have to pick one over the other!” That’s a mission I can stand behind.

Check out these 5 mom blogs. I know you’ll love them just as much as I do. Happy blog reading!

XO, Christy

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