Mom of 3 here. At the time of writing this post, my kids are 7, 12 and 14. Momming is hard, ya’ll. Am I right? Don’t worry, I know it’s rewarding and fulfilling. And I understand the significance of our roles as moms. I believe my greatest God given purpose on this planet is to be a mom. And I do believe that He equipped me with all I need to fulfill this role. So, why would us moms need any help?

Well, how many times have you heard that being a mom is THE most important thing you may ever do in your life? No pressure, ladies. Oh, and this job comes with zero training, no instruction manual and no salary. It’s a humbling roller coaster of emotions. It’s exhausting manual labor. It drains your mental strength and patience. It tests your abilities and consistently leaves you doubting your skills. Shall I go on? Hence, my reason for this post…I wanted to share one of the ways I survive the daily business of momming.

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CBD. First, as a bit of background, any of my posts regarding CBD refer to hemp-derived CBD. In case you don’t know why that’s important (I didn’t, at first), hemp-derived CBD is not marijuana. Hemp-derived CBD is not a controlled substance (or illegal drug) and hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 U.S. States. Importantly, hemp-derived CBD will not give you a high. You can read up more on the science behind hemp-derived CBD here. Now, on to 3 ways CBD will help you as a mom.

3 ways CBD will help you as a mom

1. CBD Takes the Edge Off

The best way I can explain how CBD helps us moms is, it just takes the edge off at the end of the day. The weight on your shoulders is lighter. Your patience fuse is longer. Your exhaustion level is manageable. For me, I used to grab a glass of wine routinely by dinner time to take the edge off…and mostly, it worked. However, that one glass of wine would sometimes turn to 2, to 3, and ultimately the wine disrupted my sleep and left me fully dehydrated by morning. So, while the wine worked, I disliked the negative side effects it caused.

Enter my cinnamon flavor CBD oil. Instead of pouring a glass of wine to take the edge off, I tried taking about .5ml of a CBD tincture. To my surprise, it provided the same calming effects, prolonged my patience and simply took the edge off so I could be a better mom. The best part is the CBD oil also helped me fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly and did not leave me dehydrated in the morning. If you’re wondering how to take a CBD tincture, or oil, here’s a short video demonstrating how to take CBD oil. It’s pretty simple once you see it.

2. Add CBD to Your Selfcare

As moms, we selflessly put our family before ourselves, daily! You might be laughing out loud at the thought of selfcare. Believe me, this is a tough one for me! I find it difficult to simply set aside the time for myself, much less throw in a self care activity. But I’ve learned to put in the extra effort to take care of me and that self care is not selfish. If you are fortunate enough to enjoy relaxing baths, adding CBD to that bath routine will increase your relaxation and the long term chill factor. It also enhances your overall wellbeing as the CBD will absorb into your body through the bath. My favorite CBD bath bombs are these lavender and chamomile bath bombs that include epsom salts and 35mg of USDA certified organic CBD.

lavender CBD bath bombs, bottles of essential oil and CBD roll on

CBD Essential Oil Roll Ons deliver CBD in another form that is great to add to your self care routine. While tincture users will tell you taking CBD sublingually (under your tongue) is the quickest and most effective method, first-timers may feel more comfortable using topicals to start. Essential oil topicals provide an easy introduction to CBD. If you hesitate to jump on the CBD bandwagon, essential oil roll ons are a great option for you to try it out. Topical CBD ensures your body absorbs less of the cannabanoid into the bloodstream and is abosrbed more slowly than a tincture.

I sometimes use this CBD Shine Essential Roll On as my casual daily scent simply because I love the clean, citrus and vanilla aroma and as a bonus I get to enjoy the benefit of this proprietary blend of Hemp Flower Extract and USDA Certified Organic essential oils to uplift and energize me throughout my day. Win-win. Plus, the roll ons are small enough to carry around so they are on hand at any given moment.

self care gifts

  3. Get Better Quality Sleep

Sleep! It’s a primal need for humans, but especially for us moms. And not just any sleep, good quality sleep directly impacts your day and benefits your overall health. Not to mention, when you’re well rested, you tend to be more patient, more relaxed and have more energy for doing all the things.

You’ve no doubt read about the benefits of CBD on your sleep routine. My husband and I both use CBD in our bedtime routine. It not only helps us fall asleep faster, it increases the quality of sleep as well. Something about the CBD just helps my mind to stop wandering when my head hits the pillow. It helps shut down my thoughts for the night, so no more thinking about the never-ending to-do list, the craziness of the world, how to juggle the kids’ activity schedule or anything else. On those nights when my mind is extra anxious, I add a sleep boost to my CBD bedtime routine that includes lavender, chamomile and vanilla essential oils.

If you’ve been curious about CBD, hopefully this post helps answer some questions for you. One thing to keep in mind, the CBD industry is completely unregulated right now. That means anyone can slap a label on a bottle of something and call it CBD. For that reason, it is so critical that you confirm the source and make sure you know every ingredient in the bottle. Here’s a FREEBIE to help you choose a safe CBD. I prepared it after I did my research and found a trusted source I felt confident in giving my kids and taking myself. I’d love to hear how CBD helps you as a mom. Let me know in the comments.

XO, Christy

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