3 Ideas for Inexpensive Souvenirs From Your Travels

Summer travel season is in full swing. While I love when friends post travel pics on social media as a way to time stamp their adventures, I’m always looking for ideas for inexpensive souvenirs from our travels. But how many cheesy magnets do I really need? (We still get one from each destination and they go on our garage refrigerator – old habits die hard.) And how many stuffed animals and tshirts do your kids really need? I discovered some inexpensive, functional and everlasting souvenirs to keep the memories from your travels alive.

Here are 3 ideas for inexpensive souvenirs I discovered to memorialize our trips:

  1. Get postcards at each destination. Frame them to match your home decor. These were actually a gift from our tour guide in Siena, Italy. So, bonus these were free! Postcards are an inexpensive keepsake from your travels that turn into conversation pieces when displayed back at home.
Postcards from Siena, Italy framed and displayed in our guest bathroom.

2. One word: Chatbooks. Have you heard of these? Chatbooks is a simple, straightforward and inexpensive way to print those 1000s of pics to paper. Chatbooks will convert your phone photos into a stylish, quality photobook to display forever. Think coffee table book, shelf decor and book collections. Chatbooks are completely customizable. They make great gifts for those who traveled with you. Starting at only $15, I gift these to my kids and family friends so they always have a tangible reminder of our trips. My kids actually used them at show and tell to share about their travels with their friends. They love them! This is a souvenir they will go back to again and again. (Save 20% on your first Chatbook order with code: CHRISTYNASH)

Our Chatbook from Italy – small, simple and stylish. Save 20% on your first Chatbook order with code: CHRISTYNASH

3. Regardless of the season you travel, Christmas ornaments make great, useful souvenirs. It’s always fun to unbox the ornaments from past trips and reminiscence. With Christmas ornaments you relive the adventure every year when decorating the Christmas tree. Life hack: if you happen to forget to grab an ornament because you’re too busy living in the moment on vacation, Amazon has a good selection of ornaments from many popular destinations, London, Paris, Florence and more.

Remember these while you travel this summer. What do you bring back from your travels?

XO, Christy

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