I don’t get to read as much as I’d like, so I have to choose my options wisely…here are some of my faves, so far.

The Self Driven Child is a must read for parents who want self-motivated, self-driven children. It teaches tools to brings these traits out of your kids. I had a lot of ah-ha moments while reading this one.

Pam Tebow is open and real in sharing her relationship with God, how she and her husband incorporated Faith into their family, and describes the true “ripple effects” our actions have on not only our children, but on everyone in our lives. An encouraging and inspiring read.

Worried your kids are too dependent on you? Yeah, me too. I want to raise functional adults who will serve this World well, but I also let fear drive a lot of my parenting choices…until I read this book. It provides practical tips on How To Raise An Adult.

If you enjoy novels based in the South during pre-civil war times, The Kitchen House is a book for you. A story of how a dark secret impacts different generations, different families and different classes, no matter your race. Filled with betrayal, wonder, love and hope, you will enjoy this read that takes you back in time.