Health and Wellness

One of the best things you can do for you is to TAKE CARE OF YOU.

Purchasing a Peloton was one of the best things we did for fitness for our family. Our entire family of 5 uses either the bike or the app, or both. However, I have a hard time spending high dollar on shoes for kids. Mainly because their feet are still growing. I found these quality, comfortable, but less expensive cycling shoes for our kids. They fit Delta cleats, necessary for the Peloton. Make sure you check to see what specific cleat your bike requires. I like these so much, when it’s time to replace my shoes, I’ll get these for me!

CBD. I can’t say enough about how CBD has improved the health and wellness in our family. It’s helped with anxiety, stress, focus, sleep, headaches, sore muscles, pain relief, overall sense of calm and that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I highly recommend a quality, trustworthy CBD for you and your family. It is part of our DAILY wellness routine.

If you are not taking collagen yet, you should. This is the one I like. Mainly because it is completely TASTELESS. It dissolves completely in my coffee and I don’t even know it’s there. Collagen promotes healthy skin, hair, nails, joints and more. Give it a try.

Do you hate the feeling of sitting on your car seat after a work out all sweaty and slimy? I do. The Happe Seat is a great solution. A quick and easy cover for your car seat so you don’t have to worry about that feeling again. BONUS: it protects your car seat from the long term negative effects of sweat.

If you workout, you no doubt have active wear. If you have active wear, you probably have active wear that stinks. This Rockin’ Green Active Wear detergent is the best for getting out tough, sweaty odors.

My husband had lots of tshirts that I just could not get rid of the sweaty odor. I tried this as a last resort before tossing them in the trash….we still have the tshirts!