As a former commercial litigation attorney, I’ve represented dozens of businesses in court regarding commercial disputes. In my over 15 years of experience, I reviewed and litigated contract language used on behalf of, and used against, a business.

Over the past 5 years I’ve mentored and coached new entrepreneurs to grow successful online businesses. In doing so, I noticed a need for reasonably priced, do-it-yourself type legal work. Not everything fits into this category. But you may be surprised at what you can do yourself (with a good legal template) to remove some risk to you and your business.

I often find small business owners, network marketers and online entrepreneurs are true experts in their field and/or passion. It’s what drives them. However, that expertise does not translate to legal knowledge and protection. The future and success of your business is directly correlated with the legal protection you have in place. Without proper risk mitigation and legally binding policies and agreements, one incident can sadly destroy a business.

Legal protection includes knowing how to avoid risk, having policies in place to mitigate risk, having legally binding contract language to protect your interests, creating and operating the proper legal business entity, abiding by commercial regulations and laws, and much more.

While I recommend consulting with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction, I recognize hiring a lawyer is expensive and just not always in the budget for new or start up businesses. As a small business owner myself, believe me, I know how quickly those billable hours add up.

So, I created several do-it-yourself legal templates to help YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. Because of the do-it-yourself nature of these legal forms, your investment is minimal when compared to actually hiring an attorney. I am very proud of this Legal Boutique. My hope is that it assists in the protection of your business and business assets so that your business thrives and grows to its maximum potential.

xo, Christy

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